Sitemap Optimization

What is a Sitemap and why do I need it optimized?

According to Google:  A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. A sitemap tells the crawler which files you think are important in your site, and also provides valuable information about these files: for example, for pages, when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and any alternate language versions of a page.

If you don't have a sitemap, it will be more difficult for Google to index your website properly.  This can result in Google not acquiring the correct information that you want presented when people search for your type of business.  Believe it or not many people overlook the importance of a sitemap.  The fact is, according to Google:  If your site pages do not naturally reference each other, you can list them in a sitemap to ensure that Google does not overlook some of your pages.

What is included in your Sitemap Optimization?

We use our Hip tools to scan your entire website.  From there, we build a Sitemap file that you can upload to the root of your site and link to it so others may view it.  For a small add-on cost, we will submit your newly created sitemap to Google so that they will index your site and the sitemap.

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