Google Analytics

What's this Google Analytics all about?

Google Analytics is a way of tracking in real time who comes to your website.  This data is extremely important for any business.  Google Analytics is one of the most popular website tracking software out there! Once configured to your website, you will have the power to track traffic coming to your site.  You can view the days and times, country of origin, even down to the city. This can be very useful if you are attempting to target a specific demographic. You can then create custom reports to get the information that's important to you. 

What is included in your Google Analytics setup?

If you don't have a Gmail account, we will assist you with creating one. It is necessary to have a Gmail account in order to use Google Analytics. We will create the analytic code necessary for Google to communicate with your site.  This code will be implemented on your website and you're ready to go.

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