Facebook Posts

What's the Post All About?

Did you know that Facebook is one of the top places people look when looking for reliable local businesses? Facebook gives priority to showing the pages of local businesses that have active pages.  And by “active” we mean posting daily. 

We understand you’re busy serving your customers and have little time to search out good content and keep your page active.  Our Facebook Posting Service is designed especially for you and will take over that tedious task of posting daily on your Facebook page with interesting and engaging content with beautiful graphics along with some text.  

We still want you to post those great things you’re already posting: Milestones, anniversaries of opening, big job completed, coupons, etc.  Our service supplements all of that so that you stay active in Facebook’s eyes.

Take the Next Step


It's time to clean up your social front door!  Stay connected with our Hipster Posting Machine!  When potential customers come by your social front door we want them to see that you're open for business!  We are going to give you high quality posts everyday complete with comments. Let us take the pressure off of you and let you get back to work.

Hipster Social Post Pricing

Simple Pricing

Let's Do


A Post everyday with a picture or animation and a comment on the picture or animation.
If you need a Facebook page setup for your business we can do that for a one time fee of $99 also