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There are those that believe once they have claimed their Google My Business listing, their done.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Once your listing is verified, you're half way there!

You're now ready to do the "fine" tweaking to your Google My Business listing.  This optimization will narrow down your business so that it can easily be found.


If you're wondering what this entails and what it looks like, we've put together a few list items to better help you understand.  Now bear in mind, these are just a few ways that optimizing your GMB (Google My Business) listing will help with.


  • Your business will have a much better chance of showing up on Google's coveted Local Pack.
  • The online authority of your business will get a slight boost in Google's search ranking.
  • Your business has the potential to be among the first to be featured in Google Maps listing (we call this the 3 pack).
  • Your business has a much better chance of being featured inside Google's Local Finder.

It's important to understand that Google My Business optimization  requires a certain amount of technical expertise.  This is not an overnight success.  It takes time to build a listing to it's potential.  Because of this, one of the most important ingredients is your commitment to the process.  Because this is a specialized area of Google, it's important to have the right team in your corner to rank your business where it needs to be.


Some of the most important content to a good profile would include, reviews, store/location, hours, and photos.

It is extremely important that the business profile is claimed/verified.  Imagine potential customers looking at your profile with the words, "Claim This Business" link pasted on it.  This would immediately inform the them that you have have not taken the necessary steps in claiming your business.  Another area to be cautious of is current data. For some, this is a real sticking point.  If they view your profile and you have a picture of yourself from 50 years ago, that may pose a problem.  Who doesn't want to see a person in large lapels and bell bottom pants?  On a serious note, this could leave a bad taste in the mouth of a potential customer.

Speaking of "photos", let's not get with this process.  This is where having 360-degree photos, perhaps virtual reality type photos can capture peoples attention.  A large percentage of people want an experience when viewing data online.  Going the extra mile may prove beneficial to getting that next sale.

Having the Google map is a great selling point as well.  The user can view the area your business is located and get door to door directions easily.

How would you feel if you ordered a pizza only to have it served uncooked?  Chances are, you'd never go back to that pizzeria.  The same is true with an incomplete listing.  Google did their own in-house research and showed that 67% of profile visitors favored listings that were complete.  Their study concluded that these visitors who were viewing completed profiles were less likely to move on to a different company.  In the same study, 41% of visitors who frequented incomplete profiles were more likely to visit other business profiles.

In very important bit of information to know is this... Google will sometimes display your profile information in a card form.  When people view this card form, they may be less motivated to visit your website.  Why visit a website when all the pertinent information is right there?

This is why it is so important to not only have a verified profile, but to also have the right and current information.

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We will set up your profile for success!  We will put all the information in to match your website.  This will also include us adding up to 15 images, optimizing text, and confirming all the information is correct.

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Includes everything in "Let's Claim This Business".  In addition, we will set up your profile for success!  We will put all the information in to match your website.  This will also include us adding up to 15 images, optimizing text, and confirming all the information is correct.