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What's the Claim Listing All About?

If you're looking to get more phone calls from people searching for your business on Google, then "claiming" your business on Google Maps is where you need to start.


There are many businesses that don't take advantage of claiming their Google map listings.  The problem with this is that by not claiming your GMB (Google Map Listing), you're leaving it open for your competitors or other businesses gain access to it and attract customers that could have been yours.


How does Google My Business work?  Great question.  Google My Business lists your business on the worlds largest leading search engine as well as Google Maps.  You can optimize your Google My Business by claiming and then verifying your business.  From there, you can spice it up by adding photos, your hours of operation as well as manage reviews.


With millions of websites online, it's easy for businesses to get lost.  With Hipster, we help simplify the process of searching for your business.  Our goal is that your business is displayed accurately within the Google My Business Listing so that people can find you.

Why should you claim your Google My Business listing?  You should claim it because if you don't someone else can.  Another important reason to claim it is having your listing under your control.  This is one way that people will learn about your business.  What services you offer, what time you're open and closed, as well as different reviews and images.

Google My Business is one of the best ways to get your information in front of potential clients.  Whether you're an organization, a private or public school, a nonprofit or regular business, it's important to know that people can find you with ease as they search the web.  The best part of the Google listing is that it's free and extremely powerful. 

What's the point of claiming Google My Business listing?  Did you know that by claiming your listing and having it optimized allows you to manage your information that everyone who uses Google will see?  When they search for your type of business or services, they will have the ability to see what you offer.  Once your business is verified with Google My Business, you are *twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers (source: Google).  

FYI: If you don't operate in a brick and motor facility (ie. home-based business or on location business), users searching for your business will see a circle that encompasses your service area.

Reviews are one of the greatest ways to climb the organic search latter.  By claiming your Google My Business listing, you will be able to review and reply to the reviews left by your customers.  You can even post images that relate to your business such as logos, staff pictures, property images, ads and more!

Did you know that business that add images to their business listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions from Google Maps.  They also receive 35% more clicks to their websites than business that don't do either. (Source: Google)

Having a Google My Business listing has other benefits as well.  By having a verified listing, you will be able to get in-depth analytics of where people are searching from as well as what they're searching for.  You will be able to catalog how many people have used Google My Business to call you.  

This is especially important due to the fact that a large percentage of people use the Google Maps App for driving directions.  Confirming that your address is correct will ensure that clients will be able to navigate to your business from their mobile devices with ease.

By confirming that your phone number is valid and readily available will allow customers to call your business directly from the Google search page.  The built in native functionality of Google's search results allow potential customers to simply click and call right from their mobile phone.

Some of the leading data aggregators and business directory listing services such as Yext and use Google business listings as their primary data source.  It is for this reason that having an accurate and updated listing will greatly improve and validate your other directory listings. 


1. Review Your Data and Confirm Everything is Correct

As you speak with one of our Hipster Business Consultants, we will verify your information is correct.  This will include confirming your business name, phone number, business hours, address and products and services you offer are correct.

2. Getting Started with Your New Listing

Knowing that you're working with an authorized Google My Business Partner, should put your mind at ease.  We will take the necessary steps to activate your local business listing and verify your business with Google.

3. The Google Verification Process

Google takes verification very seriously.  During the verification process, Google will either call your business or send a postcard to your business that will contain a pin number.  When you receive this pin, you will want to contact your Hipster Business Consultant so that we can finalize the last step of activating your business listing. 


Once your business has been confirmed and verified, your Google My Business listing will be published online for the whole world to see.

Your Business will now have increased visibility!

Because you have taken that amazing step forward by acquiring your Google My Business listing, potential customers are now able to successfully view your business through Google.

You have now taken your first step at increasing your customer base!

By simply confirming your information is accurate for Google My Business, those searching for your products and services will now have the ability to see you within the search results.


Simple Pricing

Let's Claim This Business


We will contact you and acquire the information you would like on your Google My Business Listing.  This will include Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Photos, Ads, etc.

GMB Listing Claim & Optimization


Includes everything in "Let's Claim This Business".  In addition, we will set up your profile for success!  We will put all the information in to match your website.  This will also include us adding up to 15 images, optimizing text, and confirming all the information is correct.