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Google Map Rankings

What's the Google Map Rankings All About?

The Local 3-Pack appears in the #1 spot 93% of the time when a local search is performed – and 46% of all searches on Google are of this nature.

Most people do not go beyond Google’s first page when searching online, and in a local inquiry, this first page is centered on the 3-Pack. 78% of these local-mobile searches result in offline purchases, which means that every local search query in your area can bring in new customers and revenue.

Interesting Ranking Statistics


44% of people clicked in the Local 3 Pack


8% chose to load “more local results”


29% clicked on the organic listings


19% clicked on the paid results

Making the Statistics

The listings in the first three-pack have an average of 472% more reviews than the listings in the second three-pack.

The top three local listings have more reviews than the next three results, nearly twice as often. 63% of the time, Google’s local three-pack contains the listing with the most reviews. A listing in the top three Google local results has an average of 7.62 reviews, compared to just 1.61 reviews in the second three-pack.

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