What Are the Most Important SEO Metrics to Track?

What Are the Most Important SEO Metrics to Track?

SEO matters. You don't need me to tell you that-- although I certainly have informed you everything about it!

Comprehending the significance of SEO is something and knowing what to do with your SEO metrics is another. With a lot of metrics to select from, how do you know where to put your focus? Which metrics can help you the most?

That's where I can be found in. It's a lot to ask any small business owner to learn everything there is to know about SEO. It's a complex topic. But here are the SEO metrics that you truly ought to be tracking, even if you don't have time for anything else.

Organic Traffic

The traffic your site produces is the life's blood of your company online. If your website does not bring in brand-new visitors, it's a sure sign that your SEO isn't doing what it should.

Organic traffic is all the traffic you do not spend for-- to put it simply, it's traffic you get due to the fact that somebody looked for a keyword on Google and then clicked on your link. Traffic from paid advertisements is not natural.

Because it's a great barometer of your SEO in general, you need to track organic traffic utilizing Google Analytics. It suggests your site needs work if you get little or no organic traffic. If your natural traffic is high, your SEO is doing something for you.

Your Target Keywords

What are the keywords you want people to utilize to discover you? Tracking their search volume and variations on them can help you target them on your site.

A tool such as Keywords Everywhere is a good location to begin. You ought to look at the month-to-month search volume and go into the search engine result looking for opportunities to rank for them. You might be able to recognize chances that other sites have missed.

The Keywords You Already Rank For

How are people finding your site now? Whether you implied to target them or not, there are keywords that make your website a first-page area on Google. Knowing what they are is vital if you want to tweak your SEO.
The best tool for the task is Google Search Console. I suggest utilizing your existing rankings to capitalize on chances at the same time you think of how you can utilize the traffic you need to get the traffic you desire.


Backlinks are still a huge consider SEO. A website that has an array of top quality backlinks is always going to rank greater on Google than a site with few or low-quality backlinks.

There are 2 aspects to tracking your backlinks. The very first is tracking your own, which you can do using Google Search Console. Seeing what you have can help you identify the locations where you're failing.

The second element is tracking your rivals' backlinks. There are a lot of prospective backlinks out there and I'm willing to get you have not taken advantage of all of them. Utilizing a backlink evaluation tool, such as the SEMRush Backlink Checker or Moz can help you spy on your rivals' backlinks.

If you see an authority backlink that you 'd like for your own website, you can deal with getting it. A few of the very best approaches include writing a guest blog post or merely getting in touch with the site straight to ask if they 'd want to link to your site.

Social Media Traffic

Google says social media posts (and other metrics, consisting of Likes, Follows and Shares) do not affect your Google rank straight.

" Directly" is the key word due to the fact that there is proof that social media activity does impact a site's rank in some way. There's a reason that when you look for a big business, their social pages appear at the top of Google's SERP.

The good news is that you can track your social traffic using Google Analytics, which is complimentary. Pay special attention to the posts and activity that's leading individuals back to your website. You can utilize that information to do a better task of targeting your social media posts-- and to develop the kind of material that individuals will respond to on social networks.

Voice Search Rankings

Alexa, are people finding your website through voice search?

If you're not asking that question, you must be. Voice search is taking over the world of search. Since 2020, 49% of all searches are voice searches. Mobile phones are still the source of a lot of voice searches, but virtual assistants Alexa, Cortana and Siri aren't far behind.

You can get your Alexa search rank on Alexa.com. Apple does not launch search rankings for Siri, however you need to make certain that your organization is noted on Apple Maps if you want to rank on Siri, and Google Maps is a must for Google voice search.

One last note about voice search. Unlike regular Google rankings, voice search offers a single answer to a single concern. That implies your best bet is to identify questions that the people in your target market are most likely to ask and after that enhance your content for them.

Page Speed

No one likes a sluggish site and research shows that if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, people will browse away. That makes tracking your page speed a no-brainer.

This is an easy metric to track utilizing Page Speed Insights by Google. If your page is sluggish, you'll require to address it right away.

Organic Conversions

I saved the very best for last. Your natural conversion rate is a measurement of how well your organic search rank is converting casual searchers to subscribers or (best of all) paying clients.

Here once again, you can utilize Google Analytics-- which is totally free-- to track your conversions. You might get a ton of organic traffic, however if it's not assisting you construct your list, draw in leads, and make sales, then it's refraining from doing you any great.

The majority of these metrics are totally free to track. You do not require elegant tools, nor do you require to be an SEO expert. With a bit of research and perseverance, you can use your metrics to assist you do a much better job of enhancing your site-- and growing your service.